Target Market
​Opportunity Analysis

Sectors such as banking, insurance, investment management, the capital markets, and corporate credit departments offer unique challenges to vendors looking to crack them. The target entities are large and complex, with multiple decision-makers. Budgeting and contract negotiation processes are frustratingly slow. For many sectors, regulation provides both opportunities and difficulties. Most importantly, it’s often difficult to determine what clients will pay for, and how they value your offerings.

These challenges affect all parts of a vendor’s business, from resource allocation to product positioning. This is not to mention projections of revenue growth and staffing needs.

At DWM Consulting Services we combine our knowledge of your target markets, products, and what it takes to sell successfully to provide strategic assessments of opportunities in new and adjacent areas. Our analyses include market sizing, industry and regulatory trends, the identification of key market needs, competitive review, in-depth analyses of buyer behavior, and alternative avenues for market penetration.

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