Generating Sales to the
​Credit ​Risk and Capital Markets

How does DWM Consulting Services help vendors of credit analytical and capital markets products grow?

We advise sellers of credit analytical and capital markets products on ways to grow their sales. We do this by providing in-depth analyses of existing and potential opportunities in sectors including banking, asset management, insurance, and the capital markets. We work with our clients to ensure that their products meet the markets’ needs and provide crucial assistance in the form of various sales enablement tools to increase salesforce efficiency.

What is unique about our approach?

We combine knowledge of key target sectors with product development expertise, marketing skills, and sales enablement strategies. We are uniquely suited to help clients uncover, assess, and exploit opportunities to expand their footprint in new markets and to enter new ones.

What are the firm's strategic marketing solutions and how do they work together?

We offer four basic services that provide clients with an integrated, one-stop solution to their strategic analysis and sales acceleration needs. Our services are:

While we offer our solutions on a standalone basis, they are also highly complementary. Target Market Opportunity Analyses identify and size sales opportunities in your target markets. Product-to-Market Alignment exercises determine how your products meet market needs in current and new sectors, and the steps required to remediate gaps between product capabilities and market requirements. Content demonstrates the value of your products to solve pressing client needs. And Salesforce Training ensures that your professionals understand your clients’ needs at a deep level, as well as how to use the content to accelerate sales cycles and increase contract closure rates.