In his 30 years of leading front-line product development and sales support efforts David Munves, CFA combined his knowledge of target sectors including banking and asset management, and capital markets with product development and marketing skills to generate millions of dollars in high margin renewable sales.

David has held leadership positions at Moody’s Analytics, Lehman Brothers, and S&P Global Ratings. Highly entrepreneurial, he has launched a wide range of new products, functions, and companies. He has provided results-oriented senior level leadership, having hired and managed diverse teams in four countries and in a variety of professional settings. A hands-on manager and leader, he also excels as a presenter and in sales support roles. David has led many successful collaborative projects with professionals including quantitative researchers, credit analysts, database and financial engineers, product strategists, and platform technologists.

​David’s skills and experience covers a range of areas that he now puts to work to help clients identify and exploit new revenue opportunities.

Selected skills

  • Analysis of client needs and their product assessment and budgeting processes.
  • Content generation to support product sales, including authoring and editing case studies and white papers and leading webinars and client presentations.
  • Full lifecycle product development expertise grounded in a thorough understanding of client requirements, workflows, and pain points
  • Product and client awareness and objections-handling training for sales professionals

Notable accomplishments

  • Launched or upgraded 12 products at Moody’s Analytics and produced millions of dollars in new, high margin sales.
  • Created and launched an AI-based research service covering 20,000+ entities.
  • Created products and provided research/sales support for probability of default (PD) metrics, corporate bond and CDS relative value measures, ratings implied from financial markets data and PDs, economic and credit markets data, and ratings-related data sets.
  • Created and launched a corporate bond exchange-traded fund in collaboration with a major asset manager and an index provider.
  • Developed, launched and successfully marketed the first pan-European aggregate bond index.
  • Founded and developed S&P Global Ratings’ first non-US rating agency (in Sweden), utilizing the first local rating scale.

Areas of Expertise

  • Credit/Capital Markets and Participants​
  • Market and Client Need Analysis
  • Content Creation
  • Business-to-business Sales and Marketing
  • Product Development and Management
  • Corporate Credit and Financial Analysis
  • Client Outreach, including one-on-one meetings, presentations, and webexes
  • Building and Leading Diverse Teams
  • Credit Rating Processes and Applications
  • Fixed Income Indices
  • Portfolio Analytics


​David has held management roles at Moody’s Analytics, Lehman Brothers, and S&P Global Ratings. Currently resident in New York City, he is a US/UK dual citizen and has lived and worked in London and Stockholm. He is a graduate of Kenyon College and Columbia University and is a Chartered Financial Analyst.